Grace (“Jinx”) Roosevelt

Selected Works

To link learning with action to improve the world was Audrey Cohen’s lifelong purpose.
The article makes a case for retaining the study of foundational texts in education programs.
The article compares the international relations theory of two seminal political philosophers – John Rawls and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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Grace Roosevelt (known as Jinx by friends and colleagues) is an Associate Professor of History and Education at Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY) where she teaches both in the undergraduate Human Services program and in the Masters of Education program. Her research interests bridge the fields of educational philosophy and political theory and in the past have focused on the educational and political thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Roosevelt’s present work chronicles the founding of MCNY by educational visionary Audrey Cohen. Central to Roosevelt’s current interests are educational reforms that integrate career empowerment with humanistic learning – a melding of theory and practice that MCNY’s unique curricular model exemplifies.